Simplicity to Results

Simplicity to Results

St. Mary's Sacramento Website Redesign

First Things First

After a simple glance at St. Mary's Sacramento Church's old website we thought of a dozen ways to improve it. We started off by contacting the church and offering them a redesign for their website. After discovering the core issues their users were experiencing with the current site, we initiated a meeting with the church board members. We quickly realized that the best solution would be a complete rebuild of the current site with an emphasis on simplicity for their older members and better user experience for visitors.

The Old Wordpress Website

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A Simple Modern Design

We chose to redesign this website to be as simple as possible yet containing a modern user interface. The client informed us that they would like to add pictures of their beautiful church on the home screen. We were provided images to capture the essence of the church by their team so we decided to integrate a custom carousel of the images that maintained the minimalistic design desired for the app.

Bye Wordpress, Hello Freedom

We wanted to engineer this project to be performant and easy to maintain with the possibility to add extra functionality down the line. After analyzing user profiles we narrowed down key features that we knew would help the church save time and effort as well as enhance the user experience on the new app. In order to provide the custom experience that we wanted them to have, we knew we had to fully reengineer the project from good old WordPress to a more modern powerful technology like React. This gave us the complete freedom to tailor the app to meet St. Mary's exact requirements as well as an overall dramatic increase in the app's performance, accessibility and SEO. This reengineering process will also result in a much better user experience for all visitors and a drastically lower bounce rate compared to the previous site. Keep reading it gets better.

The New Website Redesign

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Web Development Features

The App is currently utilizing Google's APIs to keep up to date with the latest video streams released on the church's Youtube channel and automatically updates itself. We also added a link to take visitors directly to their channel. Additionally, we integrated a feature for the church to be able to add weekly recommended videos based on their sermons or theme for the week. During our user profile studies we also found out that the church prints monthly calendars for their members to showcase certain events and we wanted to help eliminate that. The app contains an updated monthly calendar highlighting all of the church's monthly events with the option of syncing it to visitor's personal phone calendar with a single click. As a little icing on the cake, the app can be installed on mobile home screens with a simple "Add to home screen" option from Safari which allows the church to send out notifications to all their members which we found useful for future events such as their annual festival.

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From Our Sacramento Web Design Team, thank you!

We hope St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church enjoys their new website and launch it when they are ready. We are proud to say they were extremely happy with the results.

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